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Wee Hearts

... they ALL contain a HEART somehow, somewhere.

And what goes on them...? Pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.

Some are more poetic and thoughtful; some contain visual puns, or feature my curious little Mouse Men, Love Rats, and other odd critters; some are dark, others downright silly. Most contain vintage elements - old toy and games pieces, fragments of vintage wallpaper, rusty roadside finds or detritus dug from the riverbanks of Guelph's Eramosa River. It all depends on my moods at the time.

I hope you'll find some that strike your fancy, tickle a funny bone, or make you sigh. 

I've been creating my Wee Hearts since my years in the Guelph Farmers Market, where I could be found as The Purple Guy from 2009-2012. They are an ongoing series (soon to cross the 300 mark!), and most begin with found wood as a starting point, most often old picket fence slats or scavenged baseboards from old house renovations - but almost anything is fair game. They average 3"x5" (7.62cm x 12.7cm), but some are as small as 2"x3", others as large as 6"x9". 

Most Wee Hearts are $40, but multiples or more complex pieces, including the "Wearable Wee Hearts" that include earrings, pendants or brooches will be higher in price.

(shipping not included).

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