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What is a Memory Box?

Memory Box is any collection of objects, bits and pieces, treasures and mementos...stuff... 

that is collected and assembled often within a vintage box or container to tell a Storyreal or imagined.
I combine different objects together in artistic ways that connect through colour, texture, material,

or are simply juxtaposed into a pleasing visual arrangement of spatial geometry.

Every event has a Story; with time and imagination, every Story can be illustrated.

Commissions tell unique StoriesLet me tell yours. 


Many a time commissions are event based, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or memorial.

I’ve created them as travel diaries, as celebrations of childbirth, and as send-off gifts for retirees

I've created film industry wrap presents, and corporate awards.

I’ve even just made arrangements of other peoples favourite stuff, for no reason other than to make it a touch more precious, and to keep the dusting to a minimum. 

Because, really...who loves to dust?




UnCommon Threads (90th Birthday celebrat
Scientific Method (Birthday celebration)
Magic Carpet Ride (Birthday celebration)
_It's Showtime, Folks!_ (Birthday celebr
_It's Showtime, Folks!_ open (Birthday c
Lava Lava Hey! (Birthday & Anniversary c
Love In Balance (Wedding celebration)
Yours Til Niagara Falls (Wedding celebra
Distilled to Essence (wedding celebratio
Alma Lee (Life History celebration)
Vida Activa (PhD graduation celebration)
Senbetsu (Travel celebration)
The Poet (Life History celebration)
Phil's Fifty (Birthday celebration)
Please Remember Me This Way (Memorial ce
The Next Dance (Retirement celebration)
Unexpected Collaboration w Vicki Gaberea
All Dressed Up (retirement celebration)
Inside Arthur St (Architectural History
Inside 80 Irving (Architectural History
Lotsa Bounce Lotsa Play2 (film industry
Lotsa Bounce Lotsa Play1 (film industry
Lotsa Bounce Lotsa Play3 (film industry
Rat's Nest2 (film industry _wrap present
Rat's Nest1 (film industry _wrap present
In Catherine We Trust (film industry _wr
Kings of Granville (corporate award)
WE (steady together) - Birthday & Annive
Toltec Spirit Tattoos window installatio
Toltec Spirit Tattoos mantlepiece instal
Catch of the Day - film industry "produc
R is for ROBIN - Birthday celebration
2000 Van Horne - Mission Hill Winery - C
Birds of a Feather - 15th Anniversary ce
B is for BOB - Birthday celebration
'merge' "photo-graff" - Graduation celeb
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